SparX VeriSeal Technologies


Our system records all the raw ingredients used in production on the blockchain. Our seal protects consumers from mislabeled products, making sure that each product contains the same materials indicated in its packaging.


SparX tracks the product chain of health supplements and consumable goods—from production to processing and up to delivery to store shelves. With the help of blockchain Technology, we keep a record for every product that can be trusted and can't be tampered with.


We aim to be the leader in food and product safety. SparX continually tests food and health supplements to ensure they are of quality and are safe for consumption. We only give approval seals to products that passed our strict guidelines and tests, which are done periodically.


The SparX ecosystem is strengthened by the support of consumers who provide us with isolated product samples for independent testing. We reward these proactive consumers with points through tokens and discounts to other validated products on our system.


SparX isn't built just to ensure the safety of products, but also for participating brands to raise awareness and loyalty to their products. Our physical seals carry discounts and other rewards from validated products, which helps in driving sales, brand awareness and trust.

What Drives Us?

As businesses aim for higher profit, some are resorting to use sub-par materials and ingredients with questionable quality.
SparX aims to help users choose and buy products that are safe, laboratory-tested, properly-labeled, and are completely transparent.

Raw materials

  • Certifies quality ingredients


  • Tracks preparation & processing
  • Ensures quality check & inspection


  • Records info on shipment dates and locations


  • Verifies product origins
  • Assures expiration dates


  • Provides full product details
  • Verify authenticity of product


Download SparX now

Protect your family and friends. Verify and check products carrying the VeriSeal using the SparX app. Available on Android.

Who we are


SparX is an independent third party organization committed to upholding food safety standards to help protect consumers. We created a solution that connects manufacturers to consumers and ensure product transparency, traceability and safety.

Using the first global blockchain-powered decentralized system, we'll verify the ingredients, sources, formulations, processes and all marketing claims made by food and supplement companies worldwide.

What is SparX?

SparX is a trustworthy blockchain-powered seal that aims to increase the trust and safety of food and health supplements by tracking every step of the product chain: starting with ingredients, production, processing and up to delivery—all of which can accessed by the mass market.

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